SaaS / Hybrid Cloud Applications

SaaS, or software-as-a-service, is application software hosted on the cloud and used over an internet connection via a web browser, mobile app or thin client.

Today SaaS is the most common public cloud computing service, and the dominant software delivery model. Much of the software that workforces use – from everyday tools like Slack (for messaging) and Dropbox (for file storage and sharing), to core business applications such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) and human resources/workforce optimization platforms—is delivered via the SaaS model. SaaS allows your organisation to get quickly up and running with an app at minimal upfront cost.

Multitenant architecture

A multitenant architecture, in which all users and applications share a single, common infrastructure and code base that is centrally maintained. Because SaaS vendor clients are all on the same infrastructure and code base, vendors can innovate more quickly and save the valuable development time.

Easy Customization

The ability for each user to easily customise applications to fit their business processes without affecting the common infrastructure. Because of the way SaaS is architected, these customisations are unique to each company or user and are always preserved through upgrades.

Better Access

Improved access to data from any networked device while making it easier to manage privileges, monitor data use, and ensure everyone sees the same information at the same time.

Areas of expertise

  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • Workday
  • ServiceNow
  • Salesforce
  • Veeva Suite of Products
  • SharePoint


Alfvo’s end-to-end SAP solutions and services provide a holistic view to build operational efficiency and optimize your processes by focusing on your SAP landscapes and automating your SAP operations. The aim is to drive your digital transformation by ensuring that you are a truly efficient data-driven intelligent enterprise with an agile capability to innovate in tough economic conditions.


Oracle is the only technology provider with a complete suite of integrated cloud applications and a cloud infrastructure platform. The Oracle Cloud offers all the services you need to migrate, build, and run your IT, from existing enterprise workloads to new cloud-native applications and data platforms. Oracle Cloud Applications is built on top of our cloud infrastructure with front and back-office modules to support consistent processes and a single source of truth across the most critical business functions.


Alfvo is one of the very few well-recognized Workday Application Management and Support partners worldwide, with best-in-class round the clock services to enhance your Workday application lifecycle. Our Workday practice offers proactive and responsive management for your Workday applications. We provide end-to-end Workday support, application management, functional configuration, technology integration, business process configuration, testing, change management, program management and maintenance services.


Alfvo is a ServiceNow services, sales, and technology partner. ServiceNow has ranked us as a Premier Partner, thanks to our excellent track record in implementation and maintenance services. We offer everything from licenses, implementation, consulting, training to maintenance services for ServiceNow.


Salesforce professional services cover Salesforce consulting, implementation, support and other services aimed to maximize Salesforce potential for business. Alfvo provides a full set of Salesforce professional services to help companies improve sales, marketing and customer service processes.

Veeva Suite of Products

Alfvo claims excellence in Veeva as a technology & renders various CRM related services. Veeva is amongst the first fully integrated multi-channel CRM solution designed for life sciences industry, including drug companies, medical institutions, and healthcare organizations. Tailor made solutions and optimum implementation makes us one of the most reliable name for Veeva services.


SharePoint consulting services help in assessing whether the SharePoint platform is the suitable option for resolving your company’s pain points related to workflow management and communication. SharePoint consultation also checks problems with your existing SharePoint solution that is ruining business productivity. With years of experience, Alfvo has assisted a number of companies with their SharePoint implementation to build a collaborative workspace that promotes productivity, cuts down the operational cost, and provides a better return on investment.

Technology Platforms

Why Choose Us?

Low Setup

You just pay for what you need with no capital expenditure that needs to be depreciated on your balance sheet over time.

Accessible from Anywhere

Just connect to the internet and you can work from wherever you need to be via desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile or another networked device.


You can adapt your requirements to the number of people who need to use the system, the volume of data and the functionality required as your business grows.

Uptime & Performance

So you have assurances that the software will be available to use when you need it – a difficult promise for in-house teams to make.

Frequent updates

Providers offer timely improvements thanks to their scale and because they receive feedback about what their customers need. This frees up your IT department for other more business-critical tasks.


Because of the shared nature of the service, all users benefit from the security level that’s been set up for those with the highest need