Managed Support Staffing Services

Alfvo stands as a flexible solution provider for comprehensive managed staffing.

Handling those disruptions is what Alfvo has done for years. We source developers and engineers and help with attrition management for world-class businesses in various industry verticals, from dynamic start-ups and SMBs.

As a leading IT staffing company finds the right IT talent to deliver on time and on a budget that matches the job role with perfection. By understanding the needs and wants of your business, we efficiently offer managed staffing services. We aim at minimizing the complexities of the long recruiting process for your business and strive to deliver the right candidate with the right skill set in a short period.

Areas of expertise

  • Optimized Program Design
  • Direct Sourcing
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Technology Infrastructure

Optimized Program Design

Understanding the client’s requirements and creating customized programs to bring immediate gains and long-term strategic benefits as well.

Direct Sourcing

Extending direct sourcing services to deliver the right kind of contingent talent that a client needs, quickly and effectively.

Predictive Analysis

Leveraging advanced predictive analytics technologies to provide workforce-related insights for making informed business decisions.

Technology Infrastructure

Providing a sound technological infrastructure that acts as a state-of-the-art talent intelligence platform for the clients.

Why Choose Us ?

  • Visibility

    Employers are empowered with enhanced visibility of the headcount and expenditure on the contingent workforce.

  • Compliance

    MSP provider ensures that all the regulatory compliances are taken care of while hiring the workforce.

  • Control

    Better control over the staffing process makes it faster and drives insight-based informed decisions.

  • Savings

    The streamlined end-to-end process reduces the costs and complexities of contingent hiring.